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Yasmin Valentine
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Yasmin is the Founder of SociActive; the Dorset based Social Media Consultancy.

Having had years of the hustle, bustle, hurrying and scurrying of London, Yasmin took the plunge and gave in to Dorset’s beautiful lifestyle and did not look back. Although her work enables her to support both national and international brands, Yasmin is proud to be a business that assists the growth of local enterprise.

As social media marketing skyrocketed as the most popular form of marketing for business, SociActive was born. Passionate about helping businesses grow their profile and find their voice through social media, Yasmin began her journey with SociActive at the end of 2017. Offering a range of services from Consulting, Staff Training, Content Writing, Campaign Management, all the way to full Social Media Management packages.

Yasmin appreciates that it is important for businesses to focus on what they are best at. Whether a business is simply looking to hand over full management or perhaps the business needs a helping hand with staff training, strategy, branding, ideas and direction. SociActive covers a full range of sectors and offers a free No-Obligation Consultation.

“I am looking to work with people who are wanting to grow their business, have a vision and are committed to excellence in customer service. I see myself as a hype woman who brings the best out of entrepreneurs.. The world of social media is constantly evolving which means it is important to keep one's ears close to the ground. There is a continuous learning curve and each platform has its many different charms. Being dynamic and edgy is key. With so much happening and shifting, it is virtually impossible to juggle social media with everything else in-house, which is why I am kept so busy. SociActive saves clients hassle and time. Let’s all be awesome together and create something wonderful."

Outside the world of work, Yasmin loves to assist animals with their wellbeing; she is a qualified Animal Therapist & Life Coach and is advancing in Classical Yoga. Travel is important to her and she has had the pleasure of travelling to dozens of countries across the globe. Yasmin speaks several different languages and keen to learn more, she finds learning about different cultures and traditions fascinating.